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Media Training

Media training made simple...

Being interviewed by journalists can be one of the most stressful events you will experience. Get it right and your reputation will be assured. Get it wrong and your reputation might never recover.

The key to success is to learn the skills and techniques that will help you establish and maintain control during the interview and to practice them in highly authentic conditions in television studios.

Caledonia delivers media training courses through our in-house brand SCOTTISH MEDIA TRAINING and have trained literally hundreds of individuals - including many repeat/refresher days - over the past few years.  We believe our costs are among the most competitive in Scotland so why not give us a call to discuss your media training needs?

Varied organisations including those working in Health, Transport, Education and Housing are among our regular clients. Our training clients include further education, fast food, entertainment and pharmaceuticals.

For further information about any of our courses, please send an enquiry through our contact form or visit our decicated MEDIA TRAINING website www.scottishmediatraining.com or just call us today on 07900 397 872.

Caledonia Consulting offers media training courses


We are members of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Energy Action Scotland and the Association of Scottish Public Affairs (ASPA).

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